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 Breed Information

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PostSubject: Breed Information   Mon Jun 20, 2011 12:44 pm

Explanation of the Shortybull Standard
The breed standard is a written description – a precisely worded picture – of the ideal specimen of an individual dog breed. Each standard is exclusive to that breed alone. The early architects of a breed got together and put down in words what each of them thought the breed should look like, act like, what size and color it should be and much like a rachitic with blueprints the image of a the breed was documented and a design was set for everyone present and future to know what they were working to create. It was a hard-fought consensus that was refined and recorded for the future of the individual breed.

In the dog world today, the breed standard is an important tool to keeping a breed in line with the original design. It should not be altered to meet a trend in market or cosmetic desire. We must breed to the existing standard, not alter it when it no longer suits us. Each individual will of course have a unique interpretation of the standard therefore there will be slight acceptable variations in dogs that win in the show ring and are sought after by people looking to have a hand in the future of the breed. In the end, the standard is a measuring tool by which to get an overview of the breed.

Weather your are looking for a show champion, or simply a companion keep in mind you were drawn to a breed by its makeup... it's standard seek those traits in your new dog and you will be rewarded for your efforts by owning a animal you are proud to have on the end of your leash.

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Breed Information
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